My Loves

I am not sure that blogging my journey of life with words can adequately describe me or my loves. Hopefully as you read and I write we will learn together.

Me…well read on and maybe you can get to know a little bit more about me?

MY LOVES…well when you pick ones that are of eternal value, and then shorten the list to 5 it really puts things into perspective.

Not sure my words can describe my love for HIM, but I am counting on my life to show HIM!

MY WIFE (Randi)
It is very obvious that I married up! I have been blessed with a beautiful wife who loves JESUS!

MY DAUGHTERS (Rachel Joy & Rebekah)
They brighten up everyday! My favorite words to hear when I come home from work, (with excitement and anticipation) “Daddy’s home” They truly are the JOY of my life!

I love Church. Here at Faith it is not about religion it is about a relationship. It is not a check list of things we should do, or things we shouldn’t do it’s about JESUS CHRIST revealing Himself to you in a personal way.

My parents are so very important to me. We can look back 4 or 5 generations in the Gormong family and see a Christian heritage. I am leading my family in the ways of the Lord and desire to add a 6th generation of a Christian heritage.

So where do you fit on my list? Well you didn’t make the top 5 but you never know, you might be in the 6th category?

So what about YOU, and your loves?

Enjoying the journey…

Pastor Joe


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