Kate McRae’s Story

I have been following the STORY of little Kate McRae. Her parents are Wesleyan Pastors in Arizona.

If you would like to get the latest update on Kate and her journey with Cancer click HERE.
While reading the update this am, God spoke to me in a powerful way!  Let me share the quote from Aaron & Holly.

“And somehow despite the horrors of thinking of what could be ahead, God continues to remind us of His deep love for Kate, and that nothing will not first pass through His hands. There is comfort knowing His great love for her.”

EVERYTHING that happens, my life or yours passes through HIS (God’s) hands FIRST! I got comfort as well knowing HIS (God’s) love for me is more than a worldly love, but a love that is from EVERLASTING to EVERLASTING! Blessed be the Lord our God of Israel.

Please take some time today and pray with me for Aaron, Holly, Kate, Olivia & will McRae!


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  1. I have been following since day one and pray for them daily. The personification of strength and faith lies within that family.

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