Ever Been Misunderstood?

The beginning of this week, the district of the denomination I belong to, The Wesleyan Church had a Ministerial Convention for pastors and spouses.  Two pastoral couples from our church attended with us and we spent some built in free time on Tuesday afternoon in the Lobby of the Fairfield playing kings in the corner. For lunch that day we ate at O’Charley’s and I had broccoli as a part of my meal and while we were playing cards, my wife leaned over and whispered in my ear that I had broccoli in my teeth. After 2 or 3 self cleanings it was still stuck in my teeth. I excused myself and went to the bathroom in the lobby and returned to find that it was my turn. As I sat down I announced to the table that I was broccoli free!  (meaning that i had removed the lodged food from my teeth) One of the individuals responded to me, that that was too much information.  I didn’t know that removing broccoli from my teeth was too much information until I realized that the rest of the table didn’t know why I went to the bathroom. (it appeared that I did my duty and felt better and then announced to the room of my completed task) Let me say, we ALL got a good laugh at my expense of my being broccoli free

So have you ever been misunderstood? One thing I am thankful for is that when God speaks to me he speaks very clearly and not in a misunderstanding way. THANKS Heavenly Father for speaking words of wisdom into my life.


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