The blame game


Driving down the road the other day I ran across the sign. I found the humor in the statement and chuckled a bit and then later that day it began to sink in. I remember the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis and their decision to disobey God. When God called for them they hid and covered their naked bodies up with fig leaves. Then the conversation between them and God and it ended up being someone else’s fault.

February 16th, 2011….well it seems as if things haven’t changed since Genesis 2. Today we don’t so much hide and clothe our naked body, but we do EVERYTHING possible to find the fault in someone else than where it really is, ourselves!  I notice this has creeped into student ministry and runs rampant in the public school system. I see teachers doing the best they can to educate students while fighting the uphill battle. They have to be careful how they respond, disciple or correct students. When I was in school the rule from my father was what I got at school, I got double at home. Now I was never paddled but had I been I would have gotten double at home. Now I did get a detention and was grounded for 2 days etc. My dad NEVER jumped to my defense and said, “Not my little Joe Joe, he would never do something like that.” He apologized to the principle/teacher and I did as well the next day and I promise you that it didn’t happen again.

Today I see so many parents jumping into “Mamma/Pappa bear mode”. They rush to the school and have words with the teacher/principle about the action taken against their son/daughter and quickly come to their defense and in a way scold the teacher/principle. I am seeing that creep its way into student ministries as well. It’s a rare occasion parents take responsibility for their student and that you year, “Sorry for the actions of my son or daughter, it will be taken care of at home and shouldn’t be an issue next time.” It’s usually, “well what did student “X” do to provoke my son or daughter?”  The students response is usually pretty close the parents response. Always someone else’s fault.

So back to the church sign, REMEMBER it wasn’t the apple that was the problem, it was the pair “Adam and Eve” who CHOSE to disobey. Because they played the blame game sin entered the perfect world God had created.

So how about you…….blame game or responsibility?


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