One -vs- Many


I purchased Word search Bible sometime ago enjoy using it in the ministry and for personal study.  Deuteronomy  6:5 is what I am Life Journaling. Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary says, “It is better to have one fountain than a thousand cisterns; one all-sufficient God than a thousand insufficient friends.
Most of the culture around us is so different than the guidelines the Bible gives us to live by. People today run from place to place to fulfill their desires. It is so much “ME” driven. I struggle admitting this but feel that this pagan idea has crept itself into the church and those who consider themselves Christians. Many do not find a church and get settled in, but move from church to church and then often cycle back around to some of the same churches. Most often the church is still doing the same things and things aren’t much different than when they were before. My parents have attended 2 churches in their lifetime. We moved when I was about 13 years old form a smaller church that didn’t have students or younger people to a church that had programs for all ages. My parents are still attending that church. I am VERY thankful for the stability and the end result in my spiritual life.


We are to love God with all our heart, and soul, and might.

1. With a sincere love; not in word and tongue only, but inwardly in truth.

2. With a strong love. He that is our All, must have our all.

3. With a superlative love; we must love God above any creature whatever, and love nothing but what we love for him.

4. With an intelligent love. To love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, we must see good cause to love him.

5. With an entire love; he is ONE, our hearts must be united in his love, and the whole stream of our affections must run towards him

The last statement has me thinking! And the whole stream of our affections must run towards him.

So where are your affections running? Toward one (Jesus Christ) or towards many? Do you have an all-sufficient God or a thousand insufficient friends? Are you drinking from one fountain or a thousand cisterns?


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